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React Ninjas Newsletter

React Ninjas Newsletter

Weekly newsletter for ReactJS pros. Carefully curated by Astha from Jexia.

React Ninjas Newsletter

Weekly curated blogs and tools for ReactJS pros.


Understanding CSS-in-JS
11 minutes - We're going to learn about CSS-in-JS, the powers of this technique and how we can create better applications by writing our CSS code with JavaScript.

Comparison of Redux batching techniques
3 minutes - An explanation of the various options for batching actions in Redux.

Smaller HTML payloads with service workers
9 minutes - Many developers know that you can use service workers to cache web pages (and their sub-resources) in order to serve those pages to users when they’re offline. And while this is true, it’s far from the only thing that service workers can do to improve the performance and reliability of a website.

Real-world reports

My confusions about TypeScript
4 minutes - I've run into a few significant frustrations that have really slowed me down, and I'm hoping some of my much more experienced TypeScript DEV friends will be able to help me figure them out!

Build once, deploy anywhere for React
3 minutes - Continuous delivery and runtime configuration for static Javascript applications.

Pick/Omit over union types in TypeScript
5 minutes - This article assumes intermediate knowledge of both TypeScript and React. Concepts you should be familiar with include Higher Order Components and utility TypeScript types such as Pick and Omit.

A basic single-page site with deep linking and analytics
3 minutes - Shedding all the frameworks and libraries in pursuit of a simple, accessible, highly performant site (and a perfect Lighthouse score).

Separate the beat from the lyrics w/ Deezer’s spleeter
5 minutes - Introducing an app separating vocals and accompaniment given an audio file. The app is delivered in a Docker image and uses HTML, JavaScript, Python and Deezer’s spleeter SOTA algorithm to perform the separation.

Config a project with Next, Typescript, TSLint and Jest
8 minutes - Create-React-App just provides an easy way to start this React project. In this article, I will show you how I usually config my project and explain what's the benefit of doing that.


A guide to Next.js API routes
5 minutes - In Next.js v9, API routes were introduced which allow you to create RESTful endpoints as part of your Next folder structure.

Using Suspense with react-query
13 minutes - React-query is a tried-and-true library for querying and caching data. Using it alongside Suspense helps to improve your user experience.

Power of simplifying large components in React
12 minutes - We will be simplifying a large React component from a real world production app and explore the powerful benefits it gives in return.

How to get previous props/state with React Hooks
6 minutes - This guide explains how to access previous props and states from within functional components in React by leveraging the useRef Hook.

Fluid header transitions with React Native & TypeScript
11 minutes.

React UI served by a Spring cloud gateway OAuth2 client
19 minutes - This is Part 2 of the series "Merry Microservices".

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Next.js 9.1.7
6 minutes - Next.js 9.1.7 improves upon a solid foundation, improving the enterprise-ready 9.1 release-channel. Upgrade for smaller client-side JavaScript bundles, redesigned CLI output, faster FCP/TTI, and more.

Redux vs React Context
9 minutes - This article covers only the Context API. We're going to build the same project with React context. If you're interested in how to manage state with Redux, my previous post might help you here.

Shopify’s product component library
Polaris React is a component library designed to help developers create the best experience for merchants who use Shopify. Visit the Polaris style guide to learn more.

Kentcdodds/bookshelf: build a React app
This is the source material for Build a ReactJS App, a workshop by Kent C. Dodds.

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Good times create weak men
5 minutes - In Software Disenchantment we’ve seen how software has degraded in the past two decades. Recently Jonathan Blow gave a talk where he explained why it might be happening.

Thoughts after messing around with the JAMstack
2 minutes - In my experience, the JAMstack (JavaScript, APIs, and Markup) is great until is isn't. When the day comes that I need to add something dynamic–and that day always comes–I start scratching my head.

Academic article

Privacy through granular separation of user ID's
10 minutes - Paranoid aims to allow users to regain control of their personal data. We explore a new paradigm of designing web services to present personal data on HTML webpages without having access to the data itself, with the assumption that the web service is untrusted.

Paranoid achieves this by storing all personal data separately outside of the service, only substituting the private data on the client side via DOM manipulation using a Chromium extension, as well as a secure platform to share private data files with other users built on top of Keybase.


GraphQL bootcamp - 4 part video playlist
Warning: this playlist takes 10 hours in total.

About me and my own project

React Ninjas Newsletter is a mailing serving the latest and finest resources for React pros. I’m Andrés, a Mexican moved to the Netherlands to help building Jexia, a cloud hub for front-end engineers. With Jexia, a frontend dev pays zero to eight euros per month to build fully equipped web apps.
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